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CadiPay for Businesses

Take your business to the next level. Accept payments on your website 24/7, plus your customers can pay on your website even if they don't have credit/debit cards or bank account.

Don't have a website?
We din't forget about you. You can still use CadiPay to accept payments even if you don't have a website. How about that?

Online payments made Easy

Your customers want to pay you from the comfort of their homes and offices. CadiPay helps you to securely, easily, and affordably process payments, online and offline, anywhere and anytime.

Easy Intergration

CadiPay is easy to intergrate with your website, wether open source scripts or a custom website.
We offer dedicated support to get your website working with the CadiPay platform.

Global Payments

By using CadiPay, you will instantly be able to receive payments from over 190 countries and take advantage of the existing country specific local solutions. One contract, Global reach


Your customers can pay you from the comfort of their homes or offices and payments are instantly processed on your website

Easy Fund Access

Wether you receive payments from local or overseas customers, we channel the money to your bank account or send it to you via our various agents

Powerfull Payment Platform

Fase 1
Ready made Scripts

We have ready made scripts for popular open source applications, and checkout buttons that you can download and install on your website without any programming knowledge.

Fase 2
Various payment options

We partner with various leading mobile money providers so your users can have a wide variety of choices. Give your users a choice and see your sales increase.

Fase 3
Secure Platform

A highly secured platform. We don't want you worrying about whether your money is secure or not. We invest in the latest security industry trends to give you a robust platform.

Fase 4
Customer support with a personal touch

We want your business to succeed, and hence we offer 24/7 customer support for both technical and non technical issues like conflict resolutions, e.t.c.

Why CadiPay

  • Receive payments 24/7
  • Process payments automatically on your website
  • Support for various currencies
  • Increase your market base instantly
  • Get SMS and Email notifications
  • Your customers have various choices of convinient payment methods


  • Analytics

    Get full insight of all the transaction you make, in real time. We have an interface designed for your convinience, with the right tools and information to grow your business.

  • No Monthly Fees

    Only one time setup fee. No worrying about monthly maintenance costs. We only get very low commisions per transaction. No transaction, no worries.

  • Get Started Within 24 hours

    Signup, get your business approved and intergrate CadiPay with your website in less than 24 hours. We have several approved developers and partners to help you with the process.

  • Low commissions

    We want CadiPay to be an asset for your business. Thats why we get very low commisions.
    Only 4.9% per successful transaction.


Are you a developer?

Join our developer program and become an approved CadiPay Intergration Developer (SPID)

  • Free access to resources
  • Free Developer Support
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Only 4.9% per successful transaction.

Low commission rates, plus a one time setup fee of only $50.


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